Bob Oreskovic

Former 109th House District candidate Bob Oreskovic has confirmed he is seeking a nomination to the Franklin County First District Commissioner seat.

“After the dust settled in the 109th race, I saw an opportunity to continue to serve as First District commissioner,” Oreskovic said. “The state has confirmed they have all of the documents and I await further instructions.”

Oreskovic told The Missourian he filed the necessary paperwork last week, has a suit ready and welcomes a chance to be interviewed for the position.

He said the decision to seek the appointment was his alone and he was not prompted by any other sources.

“I talked with family and friends and felt this was a good opportunity,” Oreskovic said. “The First District was a logical choice.”


On Aug. 7 Oreskovic lost the 109th House district primary to John Simmons.

Only a portion of the House district lies in the county’s First District, but Oreskovic fared well with voters in those precincts.

“I’ve spent the last three months walking the streets of the First District,” he said. “I was the top vote-getter in many of them.”

In fact, of the 11 First District precincts overlapping the 109th House District, Oreskovic won seven of them.

Overall in the election, Oreskovic came in second to Simmons by a 447-vote margin.

Kevin Juergens, Union, came in third with 225 votes less than Oreskovic.


Although Franklin County officials are staying out of the appointment process, one did confirm they expect the governor’s decision to come either next Friday, Aug. 24, or as late as Monday, Aug. 27.

The rapidly approaching deadline is driven by the desire to sidestep legislation passed this spring in Jefferson City, which would require all gubernatorial appointments made after Aug. 28 to be confirmed by the Missouri State Senate.