Franklin County Sheriff's Department

A countywide enforcement campaign yielded nine arrests and 11 pending charges for drugs and possession of stolen property.

Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton said two teams of deputies, detectives and the Multi-County Narcotics and Violent Crimes Unit (MCNVCU) Friday targeted people with outstanding warrants related to drug activity, burglaries, stolen property, and/or receiving stolen property.

He described the operation as an “aggressive anti-crime campaign” intended to curb burglaries and drug-related activity in Franklin County.

“When it comes to burglaries and crimes against a person, we are committed to community collaboration to make a difference,” Pelton said.

He explained that enforcement efforts specifically concentrated on some of the people arrested; other people arrested were simply present at target locations when deputies arrived.

“We included deputies and narcotics detectives because the information in their cases is always evolving,” Pelton commented.

This enforcement effort resulted in the service of outstanding warrants, but also brought new charges against 11 people for drugs and possession of stolen property.

“As a result of this operation, investigative efforts are still moving forward and we expect new charges to be issued in the future pending lab results,” Pelton stated. “We are committed to making a difference in our community and I would like to thank citizens who helped in this effort.

“I encourage all citizens to contact the sheriff’s office or your local police department if you see activity in your neighborhood which you believe is suspicious and/or illegal.”

The following were arrested on outstanding warrants during the course of the enforcement effort:

• Matthew T. Hunt, 22, St. Clair, traffic-related charges;

• Todd J. Krygiel, 36, St. Clair, traffic, child support and drug warrants;

• Heather R. Maxwell, 40, Union, traffic and drug paraphernalia warrants;

• Tiffany M. Randall, 28, Bourbon, ordinance violation;

• Joshua L. Scheible, 40, Washington, traffic warrants;

• Patricia L. Suedkamp, 44, Union, traffic, resisting arrest and stealing warrants;

• Tyler M. Berger 26, Washington, assault warrant;

• Justin M. Flesch, 35, Washington, probation violation warrant; and

• Kayle L. Copling, 30, Washington, counterfeiting, traffic, possession of a controlled substance, passing bad checks and child support warrants.