New Haven voters elected to allow the city to keep collecting sales tax on vehicles purchased out of state.

Voters defeated the proposition by a 163-76 vote. A yes vote would have ended the city’s collection of the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors that were purchased out of state.

Approval of the measure would have resulted in a loss of revenue for the city. New Haven City Administrator Steve Roth said it’s been estimated the city could lose $10,000 if the measure passed.

Roth said that figure is roughly 2 percent of all sales tax revenue collected by the city.

Because of a state law passed in 2014, either a use tax or a sales tax needed to be approved by voters or the collecting agency. Cities or counties that don’t have a voter-approved measure would be unable to collect the revenue after November 2016.

In other New Haven elections, Harold E. Ray and Stephen Miller both retained their seats on the board of aldermen. Both were running unopposed.

Ray picked up 80 votes for the Ward 1 seat. Eight voters were cast for write-in candidates. Miller garnered 117 votes for the Ward 2 seat. Only four write-in votes were cast against him.