An assault Thursday morning in New Haven left police with more questions than answers.

New Haven Police Chief John Sheible said police are searching for a suspect who punched a man early Thursday. Sheible said both the suspect and the motive for the attack are still unknown.

The attack took place at around 3:50 a.m. at a home near Assumption Catholic Church at Miller Street and Maiden Lane. Sheible said a man was starting his truck when he was approached by a second man.

“The guy jumped him from behind,” Sheible said.

The suspect then punched the man in the face. The victim was able to grab the suspect in a bear hug and threw him to the ground. The suspect then fled the scene.

“The gentleman defended himself very well,” Sheible said.

The victim was uninjured in the attack. Sheible said police are searching for a motive and have so far come up empty.

“We have no idea why this guy attacked,” he said. “He didn’t say ‘I want your money,’ or ‘I want your truck.’ The victim said no words were spoken.”

The suspect was described as a man wearing a camouflage jacket, black ski mask and black gloves.

Sheible said an officer was able to respond to the scene quickly, but was unable to locate the suspect after a search.

“It was very random,” he said. “It’s really strange. We have no leads at this point. We haven’t had anyone tell us they saw someone walking around at that time of the morning matching that description.”

Anyone with any information should call the police department at 573-237-2211.