Future Home

After celebrating See You At the Pole day, members of the Crosspoint Christian School community gathered around the sign at the future site of its new school. The school recently purchased 24 acres off St. Louis Rock Road to construct a new school. Administrator Don Coons said the school is raising money and hopes to start building the new school in the next few years. // Missourian Photo. 

Currently, the future home of Crosspoint Christian School doesn’t resemble much of anything.

The 24-acre field on St. Louis Rock Road in Villa Ridge looks just like other farmland in the area — except for the large sign announcing the future home site of Crosspoint, which serves about 170 students kindergarten through high school.

With a growing student population, Crosspoint officials have been looking for land or a building for years. In 2015, high school students were relocated to First Evangelical Free Church of Franklin County because of a lack of room at the current school.

This year the entire high school is meeting at the church.

Crosspoint also has been leasing space at The Ridge Church in Villa Ridge for a number of years.

“But we’ve grown enough to where we can’t all fit at The Ridge, so now we have two campuses,” School Administrator Don Coons said. “At least the last five years, probably more, in the back of our minds, we’ve been saying we probably need to look at expanding.”

To address the situation and hopefully get back to having all of its students under one roof, the school closed on the purchase of more than 100 acres of land earlier this year. The new location is about 2.5 miles away from the current campus on Highway M.

Coons said the school purchased a large tract of land that was split by St. Louis Rock Road. The school sold off the northern portion of the property and kept the 24-plus acres to construct a new building.

By selling off a portion of the property, Coons said the land is already paid off. The next step is raising money for the new building.

The school has embarked on a capital fundraising campaign. Coons said the school officials are wary of taking on too much debt, so the process is moving slowly.

“The next step is to break ground as soon as possible,” he said. “If we could start breaking ground in two years, I’d be pleased with that.”

Coons said while fundraising continues, the school is wasting no time in planning. It’s currently developing strategic plans for where it would like to be in the future.

Depending on how much money is raised and how quickly, Coons said the building will likely be built in phases. The first phase could either be a high school campus, or a campus for younger students while the high school students relocate back to the current leased facility.

Other plans call for soccer and baseball facilities.

“As we continue to bring plans out, and as people start to see that we have the land, we have the potential and we have a building plan . . . certainly I think that does help,” Coons said.

Crosspoint officials looked at other buildings in the area before ultimately deciding to buy its own land and build.

Coons said the new location keeps the school in the Villa Ridge area, but might be more appealing. The new location is just a half mile from Highway 100 and under 3 miles from Interstate 44.

“I don’t want it to be a well-kept secret anymore,” he said.