The election was four months ago and he was sworn in Jan. 1, but new County Collector Doug Trentmann’s first official day in charge was March 1.

Due to state statute and closing out of the previous fiscal year, the outgoing collector remains in office until the end of February following an election year.

Trentmann, a Republican, who previously served as chief deputy under 20-year collector Linda Emmons, has spent his first few days in office shuffling staff and preparing the office for the next four years of his term.

As far at the staffing changes, Trentmann told The Missourian he would not comment on the personnel issues, but did acknowledge there was a job posting listed on the Franklin County website.

That posting is for a full-time collector’s billing clerk.

Current Focus

As the first new county collector in more than two decades, there is one major detail county taxpayers need to be aware of.

Tax payment checks need to be made out differently.

“Our bank has agreed for a period of time to accept checks made out to Linda Emmons,” Trentmann said. “However they (checks) should now be made to Doug Trentmann Franklin County Collector.  

Since Trentmann has been in the collector’s office for several years, the transition to the top spot has been smooth.

Normal day-to-day operations have been moving forward without interruption.

Beginning in 2019, in an effort to increase communication between county departments, the Franklin County commissioners have initiated monthly staff meetings of all of elected county officials and department heads.

Trentmann has been attending the meetings since his election and thinks they are an excellent idea.


Trentmann says he is focusing on two major changes this year.

“The most noticeable to the taxpayers will be a redesign of the tax statements,” Trentmann said. “I am in the exploration stage of this project with the goal of cost savings.”  

Trentmann explained the primary mission of the collectors office is to distribute tax bills and receive payments however postage prices continue to rise and the county continues to grow, leading to a perpetual increase in costs.  

“I am getting samples of other counties statements and plan to meet with other collectors personally for ideas and input,” he said. “I will be continuing to consolidate multiple items into one envelope, a practice started under Linda Emmons last year.”  

The second change is the previously publicized new computer system implementation.  

“The implementation of the new system will be a major challenge,” Trentmann said. “No change of this type and magnitude is ever problem free. We are in the initial testing phase of basic functions, by creating daily scenarios the system will encounter.”