Jennifer Metcalf

Jennifer Metcalf

Jennifer Metcalf of Union won the Republican primary in the recorder of deeds race, which drew five candidates.

Metcalf took more than 42 percent of the vote, with 6,110 votes.

Brian Nieves of Washington got 4,772 votes; Doris Meyer of Villa Ridge, 2,491; Langdon Knight, Washington, 735; and Tami Getman, St. Clair, 376, unofficial results show.

Metcalf now advances to the Nov. 4 general election to face Democrat Judy Carroll of Washington.

Metcalf said she was very pleased with the support she received, saying the voters educated themselves on the issues and selected the most qualified candidate.

Metcalf said she was happy that all of the candidates ran a clean race.

She touted her experience working in the office, saying she has recorded documents and issued marriage licenses.

Metcalf also said she could have not have run the campaign on her own and thanked her family and supporters.

Even though he lost, Nieves said he is pleased with the way the election turned out. He said he still has a campaign “war chest” that could go toward a future political run or supporting other conservative candidates.

Nieves said he thinks Metcalf would do a good job as recorder of deeds.

He said he does not know at this time what future political office he might seek. But he said it would be an office that more closely aligns with his “warrior” mentality as opposed to an administrative job like recorder of deeds.

Nieves, who decided not to run for re-election to state Senate this year, said he sought the county recorder of deeds position to serve closer to home.

Now, he said he is going to focus his efforts on his leadership development company and management consulting company.

During his campaign for recorder of deeds, Nieves discussed the gay marriage issue. He vowed to defend traditional marriage by not issuing gay marriage licenses that violate the Missouri Constitution.