The Franklin County Commission Tuesday named members for the 2019 county transportation committee.

Made up of members from several different communities in the county, the committee is responsible for addressing ongoing and future transportation issues.

They also are responsible for doling out sales tax revenue brought into the road and bridge accounts.

Any community in Franklin County can apply to the committee with its particular project asking for funding.

Many of the committee members also have administrative roles in their respective communities, including public works, streets and city managers.

Last year the committee was chaired by city of Union engineer Jonathan Zimmermann.

The agendas and minutes for the bimonthly meetings are prepared by staff in the Franklin County Highway Department.

All of the local communities are joined on the committee by Missouri Department of Transportation Area Engineer Judy Wagner, who interjects info, answers questions and gives valuable insight into which projects the committee should pursue and updates the members on ongoing MoDOT projects.

In recent months, efforts have been made to find members from all Franklin County municipalities and townships to ensure equal representation.

Committee members for 2019 are:

• Judy Wagner —  MODOT;

• Robert Schaffer — city of Sullivan;

• Jonathan Zimmermann — city of Union/Union Special Road District;             

• Kathleen Trentmann — city of New Haven;                    

• John Nilges — city of Washington;

• Travis Dierker — city of St. Clair;             

• Steve Roth — city of Pacific;

• Nick Grube — city of Gerald;

• Harold Englert — city of Berger;

• Richard Ray — Oak Grove Village;

• Kirby Scheer — Lyon Township;

• Ed Fischer — Washington Special Road District;

• Bill Evans — Prairie Township;

• Tim Brinker — Franklin County Commission; and             

• Ron Williams — Franklin County Highway Department.