The city of Marthasville is preparing to exercise its power of eminent domain to build sewer pipes under four flood levees.

The pipes would connect existing sections of a sewer line that were installed several years ago, leading from Marthasville’s lagoon to the Missouri River.

The levees are maintained by the Missouri Valley Levee District. The sewer line would cross one levee between the lagoon and Highway 47, one levee on each side of Charrette Creek, and one along the Missouri River.

“The city council of Marthasville has been working diligently with patience during good faith negotiations with the Missouri Valley Levee District on this project,” said Mayor David Lange in a written statement. “The two parties have been unable to come to a mutual agreement. This is just the next step to get this project completed.”

The sewer line installation will benefit the health and welfare of Marthasville citizens, Lange said, adding that the city’s board of aldermen is still open to negotiations with the levee district.

An attorney for the levee district declined to comment on the dispute.