A six session Feel Better Now – Chronic Disease Self-Management class is scheduled to take place Thursdays, Oct. 31, through Dec. 12, at the Franklin County Extension Foundation meeting room.

The classes will run from 9-11 a.m. The meeting room is located at 102 Union Plaza Drive, Union. There will not be a class on Nov. 28 in observance of Thanksgiving.

This free course was developed by Stanford University’s Patient Education Research Center based on the assumption that people with chronic diseases have similar concerns and challenges.  

The interactive workshop will discuss with participants problems caused by chronic disease and introduce principles and, potentially, new approaches to chronic disease self-management.   

The course will allow workshop participants to discuss strategies to take care of their chronic health condition, communicate better with health care providers and incorporate healthful tools into their life.

Over the course of six weeks, MU Extension instructors will help class participants learn more about healthy eating, physical activity, decision-making, understanding emotions and stress management, problem-solving, action-planning, and communicating and working with healthcare professionals. 

Although this course is not taught from a medical standpoint and instructors will not be able to provide information on medical care, course participants will learn more about ways to discuss medications and care options with their health care providers. Each course registrant will be provided a free copy of Living a Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions as a reference for additional study and healthcare planning.

This free course is limited to 15 participants so interested individuals can register for this six-week course by calling the MU Extension in Franklin County at 636-583-5141 or emailing at franklinco@missouri.edu.