A man fished out of the Missouri River last week as he attempted to avoid authorities had multiple warrants for his arrest including crimes that occurred last year in Washington.

Arrest warrants for Corey B. Lacey, 37, Cedar Hill, had been issued for cases that originated in St. Louis County, Kirkwood, Washington and St. Charles.

The most recent charges against Lacey were filed Friday in Montgomery and Callaway counties.

He was charged in Montgomery County with second-degree assault of a special victim and resisting arrest for a felony. He also was charged with misdemeanors of speeding and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

In Callaway County, Lacey was charged with fleeing arrest for a felony and not displaying license plates on a vehicle, an infraction.

Friday’s charges stem from a pursuit of the truck Lacey was driving that began in Callaway County, and then was picked up by the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 7:07 p.m. on eastbound Interstate 70 in Montgomery County.

Ultimately, Lacey was southbound on Highway 47 when the truck he was driving struck spike strips deployed by Washington police.

Lacey continued to drive across the bridge to East Fifth Street, made a turn toward the river on Washington Avenue, came to a stop at the dead end and bailed out of the truck. He then ran through a wooded area, across train tracks and went down a 20-foot bluff and into the Missouri River.

Lacey was captured in the river about 8:30 p.m. by members of the Multi-Jurisdictional Narcotics and Violent Crimes Enforcement Unit, with the assistance of the Washington Fire Department. Both agencies responded to the scene to assist with the pursuit and search for the man.

Lacey is being held in the Callaway County Jail on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

Charges Here

A Franklin County felony complaint charged Lacey Sept. 20, 2017, with resisting arrest for a felony and traffic violations.

According to the probable cause statement filed by Washington police in the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, Lacey was driving westbound on Highway 100 near Washington Heights Drive Aug. 7, 2017, when he changed lanes twice without using a signal.

Police stopped the vehicle and officers learned that Lacey had felony warrants issued for his arrest. Lacey refused to get out of the vehicle and drove off westbound on Highway 100 and then northbound on Highway 47. He also was charged with misdemeanors for careless and imprudent driving, not using a signal to change lanes and displaying vehicle plates belonging to another person.

Lacey had warrants for his arrest for failure to appear in court on charges in St. Charles County for felony passing a bad check that occurred in 2013, and felony stealing of leased or rented property. He was charged with felony receiving stolen property in Kirkwood in an incident that occurred the same year.

June Pursuit

According to the probable cause statement filed by the patrol, the June 27 pursuit of the truck Lacey was driving began on eastbound in Callaway County, then continued into Montgomery County on eastbound I-70.

Authorities allege Lacey attempted to strike a patrol car twice with the truck.

The patrol said spike strips were deployed on I-70 west of Highway 19, but Lacey avoided the strips and drove eastbound on I-70 with a trooper driving in front of him. The trooper gradually slowed in attempt to get Lacey to stop the truck, but the suspect attempted to ram the vehicle he was driving into the rear of the trooper’s car.

Lacey then allegedly pulled next to the trooper and tried to strike the side of his vehicle, forcing the trooper into the I-70 median in order to avoid a collision.

The suspect passed multiple vehicles on the shoulder of I-70 and passed other vehicles by driving in the grass median, according to the patrol.

Authorities allege Lacey drove into a construction zone in Warren County where the trooper ended the pursuit. The probable cause statement states Lacey drove over safety cones in an area were construction workers were.

Lacey left the interstate at the Warrenton exit and turned right onto Highway 47 south, the patrol said. He ran a red stoplight on Highway 47 at Veterans Memorial Parkway at a speed of 65 mph where the speed limit is 35 mph nearly causing a collision.

He then drove at high speeds and ran a red light on Highway 47 at Highway 94.

Washington police deployed spike strips on Highway 47 north of the Missouri River bridge, which slowly let air out of the truck’s tires, but it traveled some distance before the tires went completely flat.

Lacy abandoned the truck, while it was still moving and in gear, a trooper struck the vehicle to redirect it from hitting a home at No. 1 River Pilot Point.

When Lacey was pulled from the water he was about 240 feet from shore. He was put into a fire department rescue boat. Lacey was no longer wearing shoes. One had been lost before he jumped into the river.

He was arrested by the patrol and taken into custody.