Deacon J. Zelch

A man with ties to Franklin County was arrested Friday in connection to a homicide near Bourbon.

Authorities had been looking for Deacon J. Zelch, 40, as a person of interest in the death of Edward J. Hillhouse, 28. Both men are from the Bourbon area.

Detectives with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department and the Multi-County Narcotics and Violent Crimes Unit (MCNVCU) in Franklin County were investigating the death of Hillhouse as a homicide. His body was found last week at a home on Highway J in Crawford County.

Hillhouse had been missing since April 2016.

At the request of Bourbon Police, the MCNVCU was called to assist in the investigation. As the investigation unfolded, investigators determined the missing person investigation was a suspected homicide that had occurred in Crawford County.

Zelch was named as a person in interest during the investigation.