Franklin County is heavily represented in the state Legislature, but three of those representatives are new to the system.

Because of their “freshman” status, committee assignments and prospects of getting bills on the House floor may be up in the air.

Shortly after their elections, new Republican State Reps. Dottie Bailey, Eureka, John Simmons, Krakow, and Aaron Griesheimer, Washington, were asked what House committees they would like to serve on and what areas were of specific interest.

Fresh off the biannual statewide freshman legislative tour of the state, Griesheimer said his eyes have been opened to many of the needs in the state and he has spent the last few weeks meeting with school administrators and local leaders.

He requested to be placed on the House Transportation Committee and others dealing with workforce development.

Griesheimer got his wish two weeks ago when House leadership made their committee assignments for the 2019 legislative session, dividing the 160 plus state representatives into key roles to review bills before they are presented to the full body for votes.

Griesheimer has been placed on the House Budget, Financial Institutions, and Transportation committees.

He also is a member of the subcommittee on appropriations with an emphasis on education funding.


Just days before he was officially sworn in, John Simmons told The Missourian he asked House leadership to place him on either the Economic Development, Utilities, Transportation and Elections or Elected Officials committees.

He said the statewide tour of two community colleges piqued his interest on workforce development, and he wants to make sure East Central College is highlighted for its achievements.

Simmons was rewarded with three of his four top committee requests. He was selected to serve on the Economic Development, Elections and Elected Officials and Utilities committees.


Although the majority of Dottie Bailey’s district lies in St. Louis County, it does encompass a portion of Franklin County, including the city of Pacific.

Bailey asked to be placed on the House Education, Workforce Development and Rules committees.

Her focus on children’s issues and education prompted her to be placed on the Children and Families Committee and Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.

She also will serve on the Financial Institutions Committee with Griesheimer.


St. Clair native Nate Tate has begun his second term in the House and has been selected as vice chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

He also will serve as vice chairman of the Special Committee on Career Readiness.

Other committee assignments include the Insurance Policy Committee, Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight and the Special Committee on Urban Issues.