A local attorney and a pharmaceutical company based in Union are among the applicants prefiling for state licenses to open medical marijuana facilities in Franklin County.

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) was ordered Tuesday to release the names of the 543 applicants for growing, manufacturing and dispensing medical marijuana in the state.

There have been 22 total license requests in Franklin County, including 14 applications filed for growing marijuana, six for manufacturing of infused products and two for dispensaries.

The information obtained Wednesday by The Missourian located the businesses by ZIP code, not specific addresses. That means an application filed for 63090 may not be in the city limits of Washington. 


Among the applications is one filed by Pharma Tech Industries, Union, which is looking to operate a manufacturing facility in Union. The name on the application is Edward T. Noland Jr.

Union-based All Natural Wellness LLC seeks to open one cultivation and one manufacturing facility in Sullivan, and a dispensary in Rolla, Phelps County. Charles A. Hurth III, an attorney in Union, prefiled the applications for All Natural Wellness.

There are seven cultivation applications and one for manufacturing in Washington. Three cultivation applications were filed by Shahrokh Goli under the business name Ganjagoal, Chesterfield. Another three were filed by Bahroose Goli, under the name of Urban Roots Inc., Ballwin.

Shahrokh Goli and Bahroose Goli have multiple applications filed in the region.

Additionally, cultivation and manufacturing license requests were filed for locations in the Washington area by Nicholas R. Jewell, NR Enterprises, LLC, St. Louis. 

In Pacific, there was one cultivation plant applied for by Jennifer E. Vitucci, under the business St. Louis Bud Co. and parent company Jam BC, LLC, of Pacific. St. Louis Bud Co. also is seeking a license for a dispensary in Creve Coeur.

Two licenses were applied for in the Lonedell area. Licenses for cultivation and manufacturing are sought by Jeffrey M. Stein, Green Gene’s Growers, St. Louis.

Smith N. Hawes, University City, is seeking licenses for cultivation and manufacturing in the Robertsville area, according to DHSS.

Of the two applications filed for dispensaries in Franklin County, one would be located in Sullivan. Crystal G. Ray, Purely Rooted Solutions, LLC, Bourbon, prefiled the application for a proposed Sullivan shop.

The second dispensary is proposed in the Gerald area. That application was filed by George Tsai, St. Louis. Tsai also applied for cultivation and manufacturing licenses in the Gerald area.

James S. Fortner, Midwest Marijuana Cultivation, Gerald, prefiled an application to open a cultivation facility near Gerald.

Gerald K. Griffiths, of Gerald, is looking to open a dispensary in Owensville in Gasconade County. 

Application Fees

It costs $10,000 to prefile an application to open a cultivation facility in Missouri. After the prefiling deadline ends in December 2021, the cost to file an application for a cultivation facility is $5,000.

In addition there is an annual fee of $25,000 for a cultivation facility. The cost to file a renewal application is $5,000.

Facility licenses and certifications are valid for three years, according to DHSS.

To prefile for dispensary and manufacturing facilities, the fee is $6,000, with an annual fee of $10,000 and a renewal fee of $3,000. The fee to file an application after December 2021 is $3,000.

Revenue generated through licensing fees are earmarked for a new fund for veteran health care. According to DHSS, it is expected that $20 million annually would be collected through the fees.

Statewide, there has been a total of 543 prefiled application forms and fees totaling $3.9 million received by DHSS.

According to the DHSS, those numbers could change when the facility application process begins Aug. 3.

On June 28, the state began accepting applications for medical marijuana patients. The application can be found at the DHSS website.

Because the official application process for facilities does not begin until August, there is no guarantee these numbers, including the 22 proposed facilities in Franklin County, will be representative of where actual proposed facilities will be positioned, DHSS officials said.

Medicinal marijuana was legalized in November 2018 through a constitutional amendment approved by voters, with restrictions.

The state is required by the law to approve at least 60 commercial growers, 86 facilities that manufacture marijuana-infused products and 192 dispensary licenses, 24 dispensaries for each of the state’s congressional districts.

All of Franklin County is in the 3rd Congressional District. The district includes Lincoln, Warren, Montgomery, Callaway, Osage, Gasconade, Maries, Miller and Cole counties. There also are portions of St. Charles, Jefferson and Camden counties in the district.

There are four potential operations, which include cultivation where the product is grown, infusion operations where the marijuana is infused into products, dispensaries where the medical marijuana is sold and labs where the marijuana is tested.

There will be 10 facilities in Missouri licensed to test medical marijuana.

DHSS officials said they would not challenge a Cole County judge’s order to release the records following a lawsuit filed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.