Rep. Nate Tate

Rep. Nate Tate talks about his him on the transportation task force during a Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday.

On two different occasions the St. Clair home of State Rep. Nathan Tate has had an uninvited, and unwanted, visitor.

Tate told The Missourian that on Tuesday, April 3, and again on Tuesday, April 10, police were called to his home after a man was seen looking into his windows.

Both incidents occurred on evenings when Tate was in Jefferson City and the most recent incident on April 10, his wife had just left the home.

“At first I thought it was someone just looking for a quick steal or casing the house,” Tate said. “Now, I don’t know if we’re being specifically targeted. There are 19 other homes in the subdivision and ours is the only one the guy is messing with. He seems to know when I’m not there.”

Tate explained the first incident occurred on April 3, around 10 p.m.

“My daughter was outside with the dog and saw someone looking into our garage window,” he explained. “She could see his phone lit up and when she yelled at him, he ran away.”

The St. Clair police were called and checked the area, but no one was found

The second encounter occurred a week later and this time in daylight hours just 20 to 30 minutes after his wife had left the residence.

Tate said about 7 p.m. on April 10, his teenage daughter was home alone when the family dogs began barking and she thought it might be someone at the front door.

Instead the suspect had entered a privacy fence gate and climbed the stairs to the family’s deck.

“We had the shades halfway down on the back window and she saw someone standing on our deck,” Tate said. “He was wearing dark pants and shoes. The police came and checked everything again — my daughter was terrified.”


St. Clair Police Chief Bill Hammack confirmed officers have responded to two calls for a suspicious person lurking in that area.

They have received reports of a light skinned male wearing dark clothing peeping into windows in the area of Cherry Creek Estates and Andrew Court.

When officers would arrive at a residence, the suspect would flee the scene. The suspect probably fled on foot into nearby farmland, according to Hammack.

Officers were unable to locate the person in the immediate, or in the close surrounding, areas.

“We are continuing to provide extra patrol in (the Cherry Creek Estates and Andrew Court areas) and if anybody sees someone that appears to be suspicious, especially at nighttime, give us a call,” Hammack said.

Officers are aware of an individual with mental illness who used to reside in that area.

Hammack said the individual has not been violent in the past, but has been estranged from his family. It could be the same individual who has been lurking, but Hammack said he does not know for sure.

Not Sure

“I’m not sure if, or why we would be targeted,” Tate said. “I can’t think of anybody who would want to get back at me for anything.”

Tate said he has also spoken to the Missouri Highway Patrol while in Jefferson City and they, along with Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies, are also increasing patrols in that area.

In response to the two scares, Tate had a security system installed on the home this week.

Missourian staff writer Elizabeth Barmeier contributed to this story.