The Franklin County Humane Society (FCHS) will award cash prizes of $75, $50 and $25 to the winning top three photos in its Cat Photo Contest.

Entries can be submitted through email or mailed to the FCHS shelter in Union. The deadline to enter is May 31.

The contest has no age restrictions for photographers, so cat enthusiasts of all ages can participate.

Each photo must depict only one domesticated, living cat that is a companion animal in a residence and is owned by the photographer or the photographer’s immediate family.

Photos should include only cats. Photos including people or other living creatures will not be accepted.

Winning entries will be published on FCHS social media and in the newsletter. FCHS welcomes multiple photo entries from individuals or households.

Each photo submitted must be accompanied by a $10 donation to Franklin County Humane Society.

For complete contest rules or to submit a cat photo, visit our website

Contest revenue will be used to care for the homeless cats and dogs temporarily housed in the FCHS shelter.

FCHS is an independent animal shelter and not associated with Humane Society of Missouri or supported by county government. Shelter operations are supported by donations, fundraisers, adoption fees and grants.

FCHS provides temporary shelter to an average of 90 animals each day. In 2018, FCHS served over 985 animals. The shelter found homes for 453 cats and 312 dogs.

In addition, 196 lost dogs and 24 lost cats were reunited with their owners through the efforts of FCHS.

The shelter offers discounted microchipping of dogs and cats for $28.

Volunteer foster families are always needed for homeless dogs and cats. Volunteers also are needed to help travel with and show animals at mobile adoption locations, such as PetSmart.

To learn more about services and volunteer opportunities, visit or on Facebook at Franklin County Humane Society – MO, or contact Laura Amlong, FCHS director of development, at