Over one-third of all indictments issued by the last Franklin County grand jury were for drug-related offenses.

The most recent grand jury’s term began June 27 and ends Nov. 28.

Selection of a new jury was slated to begin Monday. Once a new jury is impaneled soon it will begin hearing evidence in cases, according to Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks.

Indictments issued by the grand jury mean that those cases bypass the normal preliminary hearing process in associate circuit courts and go directly to circuit court for arraignment and trial setting.

By law, information about cases heard by the grand jury may not be released until defendants are arrested and served indictments.

A total of 58 cases were presented to the last grand jury which issued criminal indictments in all but two of those cases.

Of those 58 indictments, 21, or 36.2 percent, were for drug-related crimes, according to a report prepared by the prosecutor’s office.

Eleven indictments, 18.9 percent of the total were issued for burglary and stealing offenses; nine, 15.5 percent, were issued for sex-related crimes; and six, 10.3 percent, for various types of assault.

The most recent grand jury term is starkly different that the previous term which began Nov. 28, 2016, and ended April 25, 2017, in which seven of the 53 indictments were murder charges.

Following is a breakdown of the charges issued by the last grand jury:

Drug Charges

Distribution, delivery or sale of a controlled substance, two;

Possession of controlled substances, 17; and

Trafficking in the first or second degree, two.


Stealing, one;

Burglary in the first or second degree, two;

Stealing a motor vehicle, one;

Tampering with a motor vehicle, one; and

Receiving stolen property, five.

Sex Crimes

Statutory rape/sodomy in the first or second degree, six;

Rape or attempted rape in the first degree, two; and

Child molestation, one.


Assault in the first or second degree, one;

Domestic assault in the first or second degree, four; and

Resisting arrest, one.

Miscellaneous Charges

Driving while intoxicated/excessive BAC, two;

Driving while revoked, one;

Property damage, one;

Forgery, four;

Unlawful use of a weapon, one; and

Unlawful possession of a firearm, one.