Dutzow residents have until the end of the month to identify a new property to keep a U.S. Post Office in town.

The postal service held a public meeting Jan. 29 at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Dutzow. At that meeting, a post office representative said it’s seeking a new location for delivery zip code area 63342.

Residents were told the post office would provide a modular trailer to continue services in Dutzow if local officials or residents could identify a location to put it.

Mike Cooke, a spokesperson for the post office, said the old Dutzow Post Office, which closed several months ago, only sold postage and took outgoing mail. He said letter carriers did not work out of that office, and it served a small number of deliveries.

“The town of Dutzow has 136 residential deliveries and 15 business (deliveries),” Cooke said. “Delivery for Dutzow comes from the Washington Post Office.”

Cooke said the post office closed because the building acquired mold and the property owner decided not to have it removed.

Customers were moved to the Marthasville Post Office at 105 Depot St., over 4 miles away.

He added that in addition to brick and mortar post offices, customers can access many services online at www.USPS.com.

“We are not working with any government officials in Dutzow,” Cooke said. “We don’t know if any exist. None showed up when we held the town meeting.”

Dutzow is represented by Warren County. Commissioner Hubie Kluesner said he’s in favor of keeping a post office in Dutzow.

A site needs to be identified quickly to keep postal services in Dutzow. Written comments from property owners and town representatives will be accepted until Wednesday, Feb. 28. Postal officials will make a final determination after the written comments’ deadline.

Written comments should be submitted to vee.a.spikes@usps.com or to the USPS; Vee A. Spikes, Real Estate Specialist, Facilities Implementation Team, 1211 Towanda Ave., Room 135, Bloomingdale, IL 61701.