Project Will Cost More Than $1 Million

A more than $1 million project will bring some safety improvements to a county-owned road at Gray Summit.

Hogan Road, which runs alongside Interstate 44, including a stretch between Pacific and Gray Summit, is set to receive about 3,800 feet of road improvements.

The project area will include the intersection of Highway 100 and Hogan Road at Gray Summit and head east toward Pacific for about three-quarters of a mile.

The project should start around the end of June and could take around six months.

It is estimated to cost $1.1 million with the cost being paid for with 20 percent county funds and 80 percent federal dollars.

The county commission recently voted to seek bids for the project.

Motorists will continue to have access on Hogan Road throughout the project, said County Highway Administrator Joe Feldmann. However, he said there could be some minor closures during the final paving.

The project will involve taking some of sharpness out of a curve, lowering a hill by about 4 feet to improve visibility for vehicles coming onto Hogan Road and adding shoulders to the road.

It is a “nasty stretch of road,” Feldmann said.

There will be some road widening at the intersection of Hogan Road and Highway 100 at Gray Summit to improve access.

The costs to acquire the right of way came in a little less than the $75,000 that was estimated, Feldmann said.

He noted that the property owners were very cooperative and that eminent domain was not required. Some property was donated in lieu of receiving better road access.