Primary elections are 10 months away, and the first candidate for a Franklin County office has announced his bid for county clerk.

Kyle Dubbert, 43, Villa Ridge, has been involved in politics and elections for the past 20 years and hopes to bring those experiences to Franklin County.

“I also have a strong administrative background in both the private and public sectors,” Dubbert said. “I have had success in the private sector and have been acknowledged publicly for my hard work and dedication in the public sector.”

Dubbert added his goal in life is to work hard at something worthwhile.

“I am running for county clerk because I believe what Debbie Door has done for Franklin County deserves to be continued,” he said. “I am running because it is a serious position that should be led by a dedicated person with experience.”

Dubbert is familiar with Franklin County’s election processes having worked with Debbie Door for many years through his company KNOWiNK, which is an election service company that developed PollPad, an electronic poll roster that is used in several Missouri counties (including Franklin County) as well as more than 100 counties nation wide.

“Serving as the election authority for a county this size is not easy work,” Dubbert said. “It requires dedication and an ability to make a plan and execute the plan. I have a strong working relationship and respect for the employees in the clerk’s office. I have full understanding of the role of the county clerk.”


Before starting his company, Dubbert worked as a City Planner for the city of Chesterfield and worked as the Republican policy supervisor for the city of St. Louis Board of Elections.

“I have several years of working experience in public administration,” Dubbert said. “I am an active member of my community and have volunteered for charities, not-for-profits, churches and schools.”

Dubbert is the father to two little girls, Jane (10) and Anna (7). He calls his wife of 14 years, Bridget, his best friend and closest adviser.


Dubbert is running to fill the seat of Debbie Door who is not seeking re-election after two decades of service to Franklin County as clerk.

Although Door has had political opponents in the past, this is the first time in many years there will be a free-for-all of candidates for the clerk’s seat.

Door plans to retire after her term ends in December 2018.


The first day to officially file for the Aug. 7, 2018, primary election is Feb. 27 and the deadline is March 27.

In addition to Clerk Door and Presiding Commissioner Griesheimer departing, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks will be retiring as well as presiding judge of the 20th Judicial District Gael Wood.