The overall increase in assessed valuation for Franklin County now stands at $70,146,589.

The new amount is up about $2.2 million from the $67.8 million projected last month before hearings were held with the county board of equalization (BOE).

The BOE gives residents a chance to argue their tax bills in hopes of getting them lowered by presenting a case as to why their personal property and real estate assessments may be wrong.

According to the county clerk’s office, most of the tax adjustments this year were in the personal property tax category.

With the overall county increase, numerous cities and other taxing district valuations also increase slightly.

The increased valuation may or may not affect the overall amount of taxes the entities bring in due to their individual tax levies. 


Although there are dozens of unincorporated towns and neighborhoods countywide, the assessor’s office only classifies 13 municipalities as an official city or village.

The total assessed valuation of those cities and villages for 2017 is $826,344,676, which is an increase of $36,078,339 over last year.


There are 14 school districts to which Franklin County residents pay property taxes.

The overall assessed value of those districts is $1,738,397,591, which is an increase of $71,410,122 from last year.

East Central and St. Louis Community College districts are valued at $1,830,262,857 for 2017, increasing $68,289,941 from 2016. 


In addition to living within a city or school district all residents live in fire and ambulance districts, which also collect a yearly tax for their services.

There are currently seven ambulance districts and 10 fire districts that cover Franklin County.

The combined assessed value of the ambulance districts for 2017 is $1,740,336,609, which is an increase of $63,315,970 from 2016.

The assessed value of the fire districts increased $87,179,851 in 2017, rising to $1,569,959,777.


Both the Scenic Regional and Washington Library districts serve county residents and also went up in assessed value.

Scenic Regional, has branches in multiple cities from one end of the county to the other. It has a 2017 valuation of $1,759,025,619, an increase of $83,179,851 from 2016.

The Washington Library District is assessed at $136,660,662, up $3,319,175 from last year.


Seven sewer districts with a valuation of $40,469,533 saw an increase of $1,937,338 over last year.

Road and Bridge

Five Road and Bridge districts also collect taxes from residents living within their boundaries.

Those districts are valued at $1,895,686,218, which is an increase of $70,146,589 from 2016.


The Franklin County SB40 mirrors the road districts with a valuation of $1,895,686,218.


The Hermann Hospital District covering a portion of Franklin County residents, has a 2017 assessed valuation of $13,928,580, increasing $305,138 from 2016.