The Franklin County University of Missouri Extension Council recently counted ballots from its 2019 annual election, according to Robert Buxton, council chairman.

Franklin County is divided into six voting districts by townships with Extension Council representation based on population.

The Franklin County Extension Council consists of 19 elected and three appointed volunteer members that oversee University of Missouri Extension programs in Franklin County.

Election nominees and those elected are as follows:

District I, Boles and Calvey townships — Steve Flannery, 265 votes; Fred Jeffery, 283; Mike Schwoeppe, 380; and Jeff Weirich, 524. Schwoeppe and Weirich elected.

District II, St. John’s and Washington townships — Rachelle Elbert, 304 votes; Diane Holdmeyer, 502; Beth Kleekamp, 434; and Doris Koch, 612. Holdmeyer and Koch elected.

District III, Boeuf, Lyon and New Haven townships — Skip Buehrle, 197 votes, and Mark Nienhueser, 212. Nienhueser elected.

District IV, Boone and Meramec townships — Amy Bourland, 170 votes, and Adam Hecht, 388. Hecht elected. 

District V, Union township — Ken Rohrbach, 428 votes, and Blake Voss, 352. Rohrbach elected.

District VI, Central and Prairie townships — Robert Bardot Jr., 276 votes; Kathy (Bardot) Concienne, 136; Sharon Helling, 265; and Dale DeWeese, 225. Bardot Jr. and Helling elected.

In every Missouri county, a MU Extension Council, comprised of elected and appointed citizens, guides local educational programming.

County council members are partners in the entire educational process, from needs assessment through program implementation and evaluation of outcomes.  

Council members work with regional specialists to provide the county educational program; manage finances of local extension operations; provide personnel to carry out extension activities; and elect and organize the local extension council.

Major program areas provided by University of Missouri Extension include agriculture/natural resources, home horticulture, 4-H programs, youth and family development, nutrition and food safety, family resource development, business and community development and continuing education to enhance lifelong education.

Extension programs focus on the high priority issues of people throughout the state. Each county extension center, with oversight by locally elected and appointed citizens, is your local link to unbiased research-based resources and programs.

The Franklin County Extension Center is located at 116 W. Main St. in Union. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office can be reached at 636-583-5141 or visit the website at

University Extension programs and information are open to all.