A timber wolf that escaped from an enclosure near Robertsville  a week ago apparently killed a dog early Saturday and remains at large. 

The sheriff's office received a report about 1:30 a.m. from a resident on Jenny Lane who said her dog was missing. 

Both the dog, which was dead, and the wolf were located near the residence of the woman who reported the dog missing. It's believed the wolf killed the dog, Sheriff Gary Toelke said. 

Toelke said the wolf was sighted about one mile from the home on Moonlight Trail south of Robertsville where it escaped from a cage. 

Toelke said the wolf's owner was contacted and attempted to secure the animal but was unable to. 

The wolf is still at-large, Toelke said. He asked that anyone who sees it should not approach it and should contact the sheriff's office at 636-583-2560. 

A second wolf that escaped was shot and killed by a farmer who caught it slaughtering sheep in a pen. 

See the Wednesday Missourian for more information.