As some payments still trickle in, Franklin County Collector Linda Emmons says this was a banner year and collections are higher this year than normal.

In all, the county collected $111,277,934 in taxes before the Dec. 31 payment deadline.

Real estate taxes collected were $79,151,643; personal property, $18,038,399; and an additional $14,087,892 was collected for railroad and utilities.

“This is one of my best years for collections,” Emmons said. “We collected 95 percent on real estate, 89 percent for personal property and 100 percent on utilities.”

Emmons added both of the percentages are a bit higher this year than the normal average. The lowest percentage she has seen over the years was 82 percent personal property tax collections.

The higher collection percentages this year are also exceptional due to tax bills being mailed out two weeks later than normal.

Emmons said the delay was due to a vendor change in the company the tax mailers are purchased from.

“The two weeks shorter made it harder on us,” Emmons said. “Some of the staff had to work overtime, but we got it all processed.”

In addition to payments collected by the normal deadline, an additional $1,257,617 has been collected for real estate and $1,281,733 for personal property.


In all, $117,612,759 was charged in taxes for 2017; $83,369,619 in real estate; $20,155,247 in personal property; and $14,087,892 from railroads and utilities.

For 2016, $78,862,935 was charged for real estate; $19,144,693 was charged for personal property; and $15,166,811 was charged for railroad/ utilities taxes.

In August, Franklin County posted its highest ever assessed valuation at $1,893,350,676 for 2017.

After Board of Equalization, the assessed value of all real estate in the county is $1,498,254,728.

The total for personal property is $397,431,553.

Franklin County will bring in more than $6.4 million in property tax for 2017 based on the tax levy set by the county commission

After toying with the idea of a penny tax levy increase, the county commission kept the tax rate the same as last year.

Even with a dramatic increase in assessed valuation, by keeping the tax rate the same, the county will collect $234,004 more than last year.

For 2017, the $0.1258 per $100 of assessed value will be collected for the general fund, translating to $2,384,773.

The tax levy for roads and bridges will be $0.2156 per $100 of assessed value, generating $4,087,100.

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