Linda Emmons

As the tax season dust settles, Franklin County Collector Linda Emmons says she is proud of her staff and the process went smoothly.

The county collects taxes in three separate categories each year, real estate, personal property and railroad/utilities.

For 2016, $78,862,935 was charged for real estate, $19,144,693 was charged for personal property and $15,166,811 was charged for railroad/ utilities taxes.

“We collected 95 percent of real estate taxes and 89 percent of personal property taxes,” Emmons said. “We also collected 100 percent of the railroad and utility taxes.”

The total taxes collected were:

  • Real Estate — $75,036,545;
  • Personal Property — $16,954,571; and
  • Railroad and Utility — $15,166,881.

The $113 million in assessed taxes for 2016 was up about $7 million from 2015 and Emmons said her office was successful in collecting 93 percent of the total.

In all, for 2016, 140,000 tax bills were mailed out to county residents around the beginning of November.

After the first month of collections, Emmons was optimistic there would be around a 93 percent collection rate this year, so the totals surpassed her prediction.

Emmons said some years the total collections are as low as 92 or 93 percent.

Even though the lines of people no longer stretch down the hall at the collector’s office, it doesn’t mean the work is over for Emmons and her office staff.

After all of the tax payments are received, the collector then has the task of distributing more than $100 million to the smaller government entities and taxing districts throughout the county.

Emmons said this task can be lengthy due to the fact there are 64 entities that receive taxes too and that list is subject to additions and subtractions each year.