The Franklin County Emergency Management Agency has completed a rewrite of its operations plan.

“This is a big step for the emergency management agency,” said Franklin County Emergency Management Director Abe Cook. “It was a complete rewrite.”

The plan could be applied to events such as natural disasters, accidents and terrorism, Cook said.

The Franklin County Commission recently adopted the new plan. Commissioner Tim Brinker agreed that the plan can cover a wide range of emergencies.

“This is not just for the bad guys of the world threatening us; this is (for) natural disasters, (too),” Brinker said. “These guys have a very thorough plan in place.”

The new plan is more adaptable because it can be easily adjusted based on the size and scope of an event, Cook said.

Overall, the plan deals with the activation and coordination of emergency support functions such as, transportation, communications, public works/engineering, firefighting, emergency management, housing, logistics, public health, search and rescue, oil and hazardous materials response, agricultural and natural resources, energy and public safety.

It has been in the works for more than a year, Cook said, noting that public safety professionals in Franklin County and around the state were consulted.

The plan is on Franklin County’s website on the “Emergency Management” page.