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Interviews are underway and committees are forming to fill several vacant positions in East Central College’s administration.

The openings follow the departure of the college’s vice presidents of academic affairs and student development, Tia Robinson and Shelly Allen, and the creation of a new director of institutional effectiveness position.

East Central College President Dr. Jon Bauer said interviews are underway for a vice president of student development and a director of institutional effectiveness.

Bauer said he hopes the search committee will have a recommendation for the director job by the next meeting of the board of trustees, Monday, June 25, and that recommendations for the other positions will come at the following meeting in July.

Student Development

The student development vice president reports directly to Bauer and oversees the college’s implementation of policies and projects in admissions and recruitment, registration, financial aid, advising and counseling, student activities and athletics, campus security and general student development.

One of Allen’s final projects at ECC was a major overhaul to how scholarships are awarded at the college that aims to keep students at the college and provide funds for when they fail to make ends meet on tuition.



The director of institutional effectiveness came as a result of the college’s Higher Learning Commission visit, which initially resulted in a recommendation that the college’s accreditation be put on probation, but later ended in an “on-notice” recommendation the college is currently working to remedy.

Whoever is awarded the job will be tasked with providing leadership in the design, development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of ECC’s effectiveness. That includes responsibility for institutional assessment, research, accreditation processes and planning.

Many of those areas were things the HLC noted ECC struggled in and need to be improved upon in order for the college to get a better accreditation recommendation.

Late in the school year the position was discussed by the board of trustees. The creation of such a job in the administration was hotly debated by the board, with some trustees worrying the director would have too much power over the school.

In the end, however, the position was approved by the board, and since that time a search has been underway.

Other Positions

The vice president of academic affairs position, however, will not be filled in the summer, Bauer said. For that particular position, he said there is a season when the college may get better applicants.

For the time being, the college is searching for an interim vice president, who will fill the position until the college begins its search and eventually hires someone new.

Interviews also are underway for a director of the ECC Foundation, the college’s nonprofit organization that supports the college.

The Foundation’s former executive director, Shannon Grus, departed over the winter break to join State Technical College as its new vice president of advancement.

The executive director position oversees all aspects of the fundraising and gift receiving activities of the college, including the planning and execution of all the official fundraising events and supervising the Patrons of the Arts program.

Bauer said while the time line for some of the positions vary, he hopes that all the positions will be filled before the end of what he called “a busy summer.”

“My goal is that we’ll be able to select a new vice president by the end of summer,” he said. “I think that’s reasonable and we’ll be moving forward on that search.”