Franklin County Government Center

Franklin County sales tax collections are increasing each year, but at a lower rate.

A late year rally did little to increase overall flat sales tax collections in Franklin County in 2017.

Although numbers for 2017 are higher than last year, the increases are not as high as in previous years, forcing the county to reduce its revenue projection in the 2018 budget.

As of Dec. 12, Franklin County has collected $19,160,797 in sales taxes with one more installment still coming from the state for the second half of December.

That is an increase of $508,736 over the $18,652,061 collected the entire year of 2016, but is still $100,000 less of an increase between 2016 and 2015.

The increase between 2015 and 2014 was $1 million.

Month by Month 

Thus far, six of the past 11 months, (January, April, June, July, September and November) have shown an increase in sales tax collections over 2016.

The year started with an $8,135 gain in January over 2016, but February tax collections were $227,217 lower than last year.

This trend continued just about every other month with February, March, May, August and October posting lower tax collection numbers than the same month in 2016.

In those five months, a total of $995,695 less was collected in sales taxes:

In March, $175,763; May, $221,246; August, $205,134; and $166,335 in October.

The month with the largest gain over 2016 was June, with an increase of $226,173 for 2017.

Each month the amount of sales taxes collected averages between $1.5 million and $2 million.


Currently the county has two half-cent sales taxes and two quarter-cent sales taxes separated into four categories.

The four sales taxes combined are responsible for about $18.6 million in revenues each year.

One half-cent tax funds general revenue, which brought in $6,217,337 in 2016.

Another half-cent goes toward capital improvements/roads and bridges and collected $6,217,384 last year.

The two quarter-cent sales taxes go for law enforcement and generated $6,217,339 in 2016.

Last week, the county proposed another half-cent sales tax to pay for jail renovations/expansion and law enforcement.

That fund is expected to produce an additional $6 million-plus each year.

Half would go toward jail construction costs and the remainder will be dispersed between all of the law enforcement agencies in the county.

The new sales tax proposal is expected to be on the ballot in the April election.


Over the past 34 years, the four county sales taxes have produced a combined $357,763,769 in revenues for the county.

The first half-cent sales tax was instituted in 1983 for general revenue and as of this month, has generated $141,736,520.

A second half-cent sales tax was added (six years later in 1989) and has brought in $130,048,052 for capital improvements/road and bridge projects.  

The first law enforcement quarter-cent sales tax was added in 1996 and in just over 20 years has generated $54,231,692.

The second law enforcement quarter-cent sales tax came a decade ago in 2007 and has added $27,744,505 to revenues.