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According to 2015 Census numbers, the average household income in Franklin County is $48,480, which isn’t in the top 10 of all Missouri counties.

A new report released last week gives that title to neighboring St. Charles County, which posts a median household income of just over $74,000.

Despite a population increase of less than 1,000 in Franklin County in the past five years, there was a boom in residential building permits issued last year.

There were 176 single-family dwelling permits issued in unincorporated Franklin County, which was up by 42 over 2015.

Adversely, St. Charles County posted 13 percent growth in median income and tops all 114 Missouri counties.

Other counties in the top 10 median household incomes include:

• Platte County — $72,548;

• Clay County — $65,106;

• Cass County — $62,996;

• St. Louis County — $61,569;

• Clinton County — $59,655;

• Jefferson County — $58,747

• Andrew County — $58,675;

• Cole County — $56,393; and

• Osage County — $55,962.

In 2015, there were 8,403 companies located in Franklin County.

Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer blames the stagnate population growth on the loss of the auto industry in nearby Fenton, which employed many county residents.

According to census numbers there were 43,733 total housing units available in the county with average values of $149,400.

Mortgage payments averaged $1,200 per month. Residents who were renting paid an average of $700 per month.

Although Franklin County’s population growth is slowing, four of its five largest cities saw population increases since 2010.

This drop in growth also is contrasted by neighboring St. Charles County, posting 7 percent growth over the same time span.

Jefferson County had a 2.5 percent growth along with Warren County at 3.1 percent and Lincoln County at 4.1 percent.

The census also shows 86.6 percent of Franklin County residents had a high school or higher education.

Only 10 percent of Franklin County residents were without some form of health insurance and 11.4 percent of 102,000 people were living below the poverty line.


Washington — Washington has the largest population of all cities in Franklin County. New numbers from 2015 that were just released show the current population at 14,050. In 2010, the population was 68 people less at 13,982. The change in five years is plus .48 percent.

Union — The second largest city in Franklin County is Union, which showed a more drastic increase in population growth at 7.37 percent. In 2010 the population was 10,204. That population number grew by 753 residents to 10,957.

Pacific — Pacific surpassed Sullivan and now has the third largest population in the county. The city saw a marked increase in population over the past five years growing 2.2 percent. In 2010, the population was recorded as 7,002 and it increased by 159 people to 7,161 in 2015.

Sullivan — The city of Sullivan is now fourth in county population, but posted a small increase of just .76 percent overall growth. In 2010, the population was 7,081 and it increased by 54 residents to 7,135 in 2015.

St. Clair — St. Clair rounds out the top five largest cities in the county, but actually had a .4 percent population decrease, losing 19 residents.

In 2010, the population in St. Clair was 4,724 and it dropped to 4,705 in 2015.