Franklin County’s Honor Flight organization had another trip for military veterans to Washington, D.C., Saturday.

There were 26 veterans on the latest flight to visit war memorials in Washington. 

There was one World War II veteran, three Korean War veterans and 22 veterans of the Vietnam War who made the trip. 

There were four trips for veterans to the nation’s capital in 2019. 

The September flight was the final one for 2019. 

The next flight will be in April 2020. Four flights are planned for 2020. 

The group was met at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis Saturday night by family members and friends. 

Certificates and pictures taken in Washington, D.C., were presented to the veterans on arrival at the airport, where the usual welcome home program was held. 

Mayor Steve Myers of Pacific welcomed the veterans at the airport. 

He especially gave thanks to the Vietnam War veterans. He said he had visited with a Vietnam War veteran a couple of years ago who told of his experiences and the horrors of that war.

“He then shared with me the way he and his fellow soldiers were treated when they returned home — the ridicule, the insults and the silence.” 

Myers added, “You (the Vietnam veterans) didn’t experience the gratitude until long after your service was rendered and I pray that you will be able to remember this: It’s the warrior and not the war.” 

Myers told the veterans, “You served honorably and did your duty.”