Final approval was given Thursday to distribute just under $400,000 in sales tax money allocated for road projects in eight separate municipalities in Franklin County.


The village of Oak Grove Village will receive more county transportation money in 2017 than any of the other 10 entities on the countywide committee.

About $82,000 will go to the municipality for a project which will include the installation of sidewalks, curbs, gutters and new lighting along East Springfield Road.

The decision to fully fund the request came in part because Oak Grove Village has received less than $5,000 from the county in the last 10 years.

The total amount of the project is $544,906 and the village had originally applied for $108,981.

The county transportation committee initially had about $507,000 to dole out, but after it was decided they would set aside $110,000 for future Americans with Disabilities Act improvements the committee was left with $397,000.

Of the eight total projects requesting funding, six were over $100,000.

The city of Union asked for just over $47,000 and the city of Gerald requested only about $18,000.

Due to the fact Oak Grove had only requested and received about $4,700 in the last nine years, the committee funded Union and Gerald in full and capped all other awards at $50,000 leaving the remaining $82,000 and change for Oak Grove.

The decision was unanimous and Oak Grove will self-fund the remaining $462,000 for the project.

Other Projects

Washington, Washington Special Road District, St. Clair, Pacific and New Haven, will each receive $50,000.

Here is a list of the proposed projects and their total costs:

• Washington Special Road District - Pottery Road widening, storm sewer, curb and gutter - $350,945.

• City of Pacific - Candlewick/Industrial Drive storm sewer improvements and concrete pavement repair/resurfacing - $350,000.

• City of St. Clair - Bardot Street, pavement widening and resurfacing, curb and gutter, sidewalks, lighting and pavement marking - $779,601.

• City of New Haven - Maupin Street Phase 2, mill and resurface with sidewalk, curb and gutter and storm water improvements as needed - $1, 009,933.

• City of Washington - Bluff Road, overlay from Highway 100 to Vossbrink Drive - $925,000.

• City of Union - Springfield Road, construct sidewalks and curb and gutter along Old Highway 50/Springfield Road - $95,033.

• City of Gerald - Pine & Third Streets, replace culvert pipes, broken sidewalk and constructing a drop inlet - $44,634.

Each entity will have three years to complete their projects.