Several municipalities in Franklin County will be receiving their shares of taxes paid by railroad and utility companies for the year 2017 for use on roads and bridges.

Total taxes collected by the county for roads were $470,756.

After commissions paid to the collector’s office ($4,707), assessor’s office ($2,828)and Tax Increment Financing charges of $25.73 were deducted, the total amount to be apportioned is $463,316.50.

The Franklin County Commission approved the apportionments Tuesday and the funds will be transferred to the communities in which the railroads and utilities are located.

In addition to individual municipalities, several Special Road Districts also will be receiving the tax funds.

Here is a list of road districts receiving funds:

• Franklin County Road District No. 1 — $413,402;

• New Haven Special Road District — $5,316;

• Sullivan Special Road District — $5,506;

• Union Special Road District — $9,472; and

• Washington Special Road District $16,279.

Ten cites or villages will benefit from the railroad and utility taxes as well.

Some more than others based on the amount of railroad-and utility-owned property in the respective municipality.

They are:

• City of Berger — $177;

• City of Gerald — $579;

• City of New Haven — $1,212;

• Village of Oak Grove — $1.86;

• City of Pacific $2,174;

• Village of Parkway — $99;

• City of St. Clair — $1,126;

• City of Sullivan — $467;

• City of Union ­— $2,626; and

• City of Washington— $4,872.