Franklin County Sheriff's Department

Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies averaged more than 31 traffic stops each day of 2018.

Information released last week by the office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt shows the reasons for the traffic stops included 6,728 for moving violations; 1,816 were equipment issues; 1,779 involved the driver’s license and 1,527 were investigative.


The traffic stops also prompted 424 vehicle searches and contraband was found more than 43 percent of the time and arrests were made at 2 percent of the stops.

In 239 of the searches the driver gave consent to search, there was a drug or alcohol odor detected at 82 stops, a drug dog alerted 25 times and in 19 cases there was contraband in plain view of the officer.

In three additional stops the officer had a reasonable suspicion of a weapon in the vehicle.

Contraband found included drugs and alcohol in 178 stops, eight weapons were found and at two stops stolen property was recovered.

In 238 cases both the driver and the vehicle were searched; in 95 stops just the car was searched; and 91 times just the driver was searched by the officer.


The majority of the traffic stops last year, 5,650, resulted in the driver simply getting a warning. An additional 4,864 resulted in a written citation and in 454 of the stops no action was taken by the officers.

Of the 424 total arrests generated from the traffic stops, 233 were the result of the vehicle occupants having an outstanding warrant and in nine cases the driver resisted arrest.

Driving while intoxicated led to 32 arrests and 21 arrests involved drug violations. There were also 15 arrests for traffic violations and five for property offenses.


The report is based on a county population of 79,413 residents over the age of 16.

Of the 11,430 total traffic stops, 5,092 were drivers over the age of 40; 3,306 were drivers ages 18 to 29; 2,744 were ages 30 to 39 and the lowest age group was 17 and under with 288 stops. 

The majority, or 7,686 of the drivers stopped, were male and the remaining 3,744 were female.

White males made up the largest category of stops with 6,816. In 2018 there also were 390 black males, 154 were Hispanic men, 63 Asian and 40 American Indian male drivers who were pulled over. 

There were 3,497 white females, 122 black females, 38 Hispanic, 24 Asian and 15 American Indian females pulled over.

The locations of the traffic stops are spread over a wide variety of locations with 4,605 on the many state highways running through Franklin County. 

The second highest locations for traffic stops were the interstate highways with 2,869; U.S. highways, 1,619; county roads, 1,540; 705 city streets; and 92 stops at other locations.