For the first two months of this fiscal year, the new Franklin County Municipal Court has collected almost a quarter of the annual income it has budgeted to receive.

Through February, the court collected $59,129 for the county. The court’s main revenue sources are fines and court costs.

Projections for the new Franklin County Municipal Court show that it will be self-sufficient and even have more than $100,000 left over at the end of fiscal year 2013.

The court budget states that $250,000 will be collected from court costs and fines this fiscal year.

The court did not start operating until late last year and was established to handle traffic cases and code violations.

Since the court was established late last year, there have been 1,118 cases opened and 651 disposed of. All of the cases have been traffic related. In February, 363 cases were opened and 215 disposed.

County Treasurer Debbie Aholt said the court still has to pay back $45,000 to the county’s general fund from a loan that was given to get the court operating.

All of the fines stay with the county, but some of the court costs go to state agencies

Of the $47.50 that are charged per case for court costs, $22.37 stays with the county, and the remaining $25.13 goes to nine state agencies, including the crime victims compensation fund.

The county portion of the court costs is divided among the general fund, law enforcement training fund, law enforcement sales tax fund, prosecuting attorney’s training fund and the municipal court fund.

In February, the county’s share of the court costs was $4,918.