All of the appointed heads of county departments will have their jobs again next year.

The county commission Tuesday made the reappointments and also filled positions on multiple boards for the coming year.

At the top of the list was County Counselor Mark Vincent, who was reappointed to his 27th year serving as the county’s legal counsel.

Assistant county counsellors Joe Purschke, Steven White and Mary Zastrow also were reappointed, and Caleb Reed was added to the department.

The team of assistant counselors act as prosecutors in the municipal court and assist in a wide array of county legal matters.


Six other county department heads were reappointed Tuesday and will again serve in their roles for the coming year.

• William Placht — building commissioner;

• Abe Cook — emergency management director;

• Angie Hittson — health department director;

• Scottie Eagan — planning director;

• Ronald Williams — highway administrator/engineer;

• Tony Henry — facilities director.


After several months of vacancies, two new members were appointed to the SB40 Resource Board to bring it back up to its full strength of 10.

Elaine Holladay, Union, will serve as a related member and Hank Epstein, Washington, will serve as a public member.

The SB40 Board also connects those with disabilities to service coordinators to locate individual specialized services they may require.

The SB40 Board was created after legislation was passed in 1987. The county commission appoints the members of the board, but has no other oversight or interaction.

Each year the board receives about $2 million in property taxes from county residents. Other funding comes from state and federal sources.

Building Commission

Missouri state statute authorizes the County Commission to appoint a Building Commission consisting of five members, residents and taxpayers of the county, one of whom shall be a member of the County Commission.

On Tuesday the following members were appointed to serve without compensation for a term of one year.

• Chuck Baggett, Union;

• Paul Landwehr, Union;

• Mike Broeker, Washington;

• Thad Brady, Washington; and

• John Griesheimer, Franklin County.

Building Appeals

In addition to serving on the building commission, the majority of the members were also reappointed to the building department board of appeals.

New member Paul Landwehr will join Thad Brady, Doug Allen, Union, Tim Dieterich, Gerald, and Joe Pautler, Union, on the board for 2018.