The Franklin County Commission wrapped up its 2019 calendar by making appointments to several county departments and boards.

Before Christmas, on Dec. 17, heads of seven county departments were reappointed to their positions for 2020.

Those department heads include William Placht, building commissioner; Abe Cook, EMA director; Angela Hittson, health department director; Scottie Eagan; planning director; Tony Henry, facilities director; Ann Struttmann, purchasing director; and Jim Grutsch, highway administrator.

All of the department heads have served in their current roles previously with the exception of Grutsch, who was first hired this past fall.

The commission also has reappointed Lauren Graham to continue in her role as county human resources director.

All of the county employee appointments will be effective until Dec. 31, 2020

Transportation Committee

Last week, members were reappointed to the Franklin County Transportation Committee, which meets bimonthly to discuss roads and bridges stretching across the county from Sullivan to Pacific and all points in between.

The committee is designed to have representation from all of the political subdivisions in the county, no matter how large or small.

The 2020 members will be Robert Schaffer, Sullivan; Jonathan Zimmermann, Union/USRD; Kathleen Trentmann, New Haven; John Nilges, Washington; Travis Dierker, St. Clair; Steve Roth, Pacific; Nick Grube, Gerald; Harold Englert, Berger; Richard Ray, Oak Grove Village; Kirby Scheer, Lyon Township; Bill Evans, Prairie Township; Tim Brinker, Franklin County presiding commissioner; Jim Grutsch, Franklin County highway administrator; and Bernie Westhoelter, Washington Special Road District.

Transportation committee appointments are for a period of one year.

Resource Board

The Franklin County Children and Families Community Resource Board is the administrator for the Putting Kids First: Community Children’s Service Fund, a fund created when Franklin County passed a quarter-cent sales tax measure in November 2008, and the Franklin County Domestic Violence Fund, a fund generated by fees imposed upon the issuance of a marriage license and a surcharge upon the entry of a decree of dissolution of marriage.

Both veteran board members Missie Evert, Union, and Dorothy Schowe, New Haven, were reappointed and new to the board this year will be James Haynes, Robertsville.

The appointments to the FRCC will run until Dec. 31, 2023.