The Franklin County Building Department issued 68 permits for new construction of various types in July valued at more than $4.7 million.

That number is down significantly from the previous month of June when 90 permits were issued for new construction in the county.

It’s also down from the same time in July 2017 when 75 total permits were issued.


There was 16 permits issued for single-family dwellings valued at $3,594,810, up three from June.

In July 2017, 19 single-family dwelling permits were issued.

Nine permits were issued for other non residential buildings with the construction valued at $335,000.

The same number of permits (9) were issued for residential additions or modifications worth $252,520.

Five permits worth $240,210 were issued for the addition of garages and carports to existing residential structures.

One single-family attached house permit was issued valued at $240,000.

Two permits for nonresidential additions or modifications ($35,000) and one permit for a structure other than a building ($22,400) were also issued.

In addition to new physical structures and construction, 17 electrical permits were granted, six sewer permits and two manufactured home permits were granted as well.

Last Year

The overall average cost of a newly constructed home in Franklin County in 2017 was $258,804.

The estimated value of new residential construction in 2017 was $50.4 million.

Construction valuation for single-family dwellings in 2016 totaled $39,719,100.

The estimated value for homes built in 2015 amounted to $30,395,910.

Last year, the number of construction permits issued in Franklin County increased by almost 100 over 2016 with 861 permits issued for projects totalling $97,243,930, which is a more than $43 million increase over 2016.

Second to residential permits were 109 issued for residential additions and modifications totaling $5,698,500 and 105 permits for other nonresidential buildings valued at $3,748,740.