Jail Rendering

The first, and possibly the largest, one-time bid for the Franklin County Jail/911 renovation project was approved Tuesday by the Franklin County Commission.

The $6.6 million successful bid by Pauly Jail Building Company will be the heart of the jail upgrades and involves the new cells and security that will be put in place for a larger population.

Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker explained that although the overall project time doesn’t suggest construction bidding to occur until April, this bid was time sensitive.

“If we hadn’t bid this product now, it would have put the project a year behind,” he said. “This is for the prefab cell units and the company already has a backlog.”

Brinker added the early bidding on the cell and security package was needed because of other large projects the company is currently involved in.

Second District Commissioner Dave Hinson said the bid came in about $200,000 below budget.

Bid Award

According to the commission order, the contract was awarded to Pauly Jail Building Company, Inc. for the total amount of $6,609,000.

The company, based in Noblesville, Ind., will fabricate and deliver steel cells by November 2019.

In September 2020, the company will work on renovation of the kitchen, laundry, dishwashing, trustee housing, weekender housing and women’s housing.

In March 2021, the contractor will complete work on renovations to the existing sheriff’s department and jail, and areas for the Emergency Management Agency, Narcotics Task Force and detectives.

Later that year, in June 2021, renovations will be completed for the sheriff’s administration and road patrol.

Company Profile

According to its website, Pauly Jail Building is the oldest professional correctional facilities contractor in the United States and is a leading contractor for detention equipment in correctional facilities across the country.

Pauly Jail is known for upgrading and equipping facilities using traditional installation methods, as well as modular construction, and while high-quality, attractive, livable correctional spaces, security is always our top priority. 

The company has ongoing and recently finished detention projects across the United States. The nearest projects to Franklin County have been in Cape Girardeau and Bloomington, Joliet and Chicago, Ill.