New Franklin County Sign

Already in 2018, the Franklin County Commission has canceled more meetings than the past two years combined.

The commission meets every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the county government center in Union.

With seven of the 24 meetings scheduled for this year having been canceled already, the commission is only one missed meeting away from tying 2014 for the most canceled meetings. That year, eight of their weekly meetings were canceled.

In the years 2016 and 2017 combined, only six county commission meetings of the roughly 100 that were scheduled were canceled.

In 2015, four meetings were canceled and in 2013 and 2012 there were zero cancellations.

There are three elected county commissioners and to have a quorum at least two of the commissioners have to be present to conduct county business.

At times, when a quorum can’t be reached, a tie breaker is needed, or a commissioner may have a conflict of interest in a vote, the county presiding judge can appoint themselves as a temporary commissioner in order to conduct county business.

Full Time

Each of the three commissioners are full-time employees and are paid salaries and benefits for their work as commissioner.

The top elected official in the county, Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer, chairs the meetings and is joined by First District Commissioner Tim Brinker, who represents the northern half of the county, and Second District Commissioner Dave Hinson, who represents the southern portion.

For 2018, the total operating budget for the county commission was $320,328. That includes $304,328 in commissioner salaries, health insurance and taxes.

According to the 2018 county budget, Griesheimer’s salary is $74,189.44 and salaries for both Brinker and Hinson are $72,046.

Also for 2018, Hinson and Brinker get $2,000 each for mileage and fuel and Griesheimer has $1,000 in the budget.


Most other municipalities in Franklin County hold their regular meetings in the evenings, usually on the first and third week each month.

In those cases, the elected officials are not full-time employes and are not paid full-time salaries.

Although the commissioners do spend time in their offices at the government center in Union, their duties require them to be in other places during regular business hours.

Because of this, there is no way to truly calculate how many hours per week the commissioners are conducting county business.

As a general rule, the agendas from county commission meetings cover a wide range of business, from approving contracts for various departments or projects, selling property, approving grants and entering into agreements with other agencies.  

Also at the meetings, the commissioners, department heads and other county elected officials give reports and can ask questions on ongoing projects.