The East Central College Board of Trustees Monday night approved the renewal of four off-campus leases for fiscal year 2015.

The lease locations and amounts are as follows:

Southwest Area Center, 11 North Clark, Sullivan, $21,876;

Four Rivers Career Center, 1978 Image Drive, Washington, $80,769;

Rolla Technical Center, 500 Forum Drive, Rolla, $145,530; and

Rolla North, 2303 North Bishop, $94,800.

The only change from the current year was an increase of $5,769 at the Washington campus.

Phil Pena, vice president of finance and administration, noted that the only other property leased is an off-campus storage facility located on Franklin Avenue in Union. That lease is renewed each December.

Tom Dill, board member, asked if the college was considering building its own storage facility on campus.

Jon Bauer, college president, said a storage facility is part of the college’s long-range plan and likely will be brought before the board in the next year or two.