Even if you got a flu shot this year, there is a 64 percent chance you’ll still get the flu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced as of Feb. 3, preliminary numbers show the flu vaccine in the United States was only 36 percent effective in preventing influenza A and B this flu season.

Young children are at higher risk than most people for severe flu complications that can lead to death.

So far this flu season, 63 flu deaths have been reported in children in the U.S. However, the CDC estimates that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness is actually higher for children, at 59 percent.

The flu epidemic in Franklin County has reached such high numbers some medical facilitates have run out of kits to test for new cases.

New flu cases totaled just under 270, last week, but there was a twist.

Influenza type B topped the new cases reported for the first time this flu season. Type A cases came in at 111.

This brings the overall county total to 2,547, already 877 cases greater than last year’s record-breaking season of 1,670.

The Franklin County Public Health Department says the rise of type B cases is common at this point in the season.

Overall, the current total for type B cases is 554 and 1,985 for type A.

According to the most recent numbers Friday, about one-quarter of the total cases are in the 5 to 14 age range with 613 reported cases.

The 25 to 49 age range makes up 20 percent of the cases with 62.

People over 65 represent 16 percent of reported flu cases with 405, and the 50 to 64 age group represents 15 percent of the cases with 380 reported thus far.

Ages 2 to 4 have tallied 249 cases, representing 10 percent, and ages 15 to 24 are just behind with 241 cases or 21 percent.

The age 0 to 2 group is still the lowest in the county with 127 cases making up 5 percent of the totals.


Statewide 8,499 influenza cases were reported last week (4,652 influenza A, 3,725 influenza B and 122 untyped).

A season-to-date total of 92,863 laboratory-positive influenza cases (67,455 influenza A, 24,155 influenza B and 1,253 untyped) have been reported in Missouri.

The influenza type for reported season-to-date cases includes 73 percent influenza A, 26 percent influenza B and 1 percent untyped.

There were 136 influenza-associated deaths reported in Missouri as of last week, bringing the total to 1,077.

At this time last year, there were 27,568 flu cases reported statewide and only 20 influenza-associated deaths.