If you haven’t caught your breath from last year’s break-neck election cycle, you had better do it fast, because the next round of countywide municipal elections are less than two months away.

Races to fill mayoral, alderman and school board seats will begin in earnest and campaign signs will once again fill the yards and roadway shoulders all over Franklin County communities.

In addition to town, city and village government seats, several other taxing bodies, including fire, ambulance and special road districts, will elect and re-elect board members.

Although there are not races for every seat, here are the candidates appearing on the ballot:

• City of Berger, Alderman, Ward 1: Lisbeth A. Fields, Eric Bruckerhoff; Alderman Ward 2 (two-year term): Jason T. Eaklor; Alderman Ward 2 (one-year unexpired term): Dennis Reed Jr.

• Town of Charmwood, Trustee: Robert L. Crouch, Don H. Schlitt.

• City of Gerald, Mayor: Ed Adams, Cary Parker; Alderman, Ward 1: Stephen M. Grgurich, Bradley G. Landwehr; Alderman, Ward 2: No candidate filed; Alderman, Ward 2 (one-year unexpired term): Tina Bauguess.

• Village of Leslie, Trustee: Patricia Lueker, Scott Miller.

• Village of Miramiguoa, Trustee: Carl Pritchett, Michael Schinner.

• City of New Haven, Mayor: George Panhorst; Municipal Judge: Scott Fulford; Alderman, Ward 1: Jason Addison; Alderman, Ward 2: Mark Wehner.

• Village of Oak Grove, Trustee: Richard Ray, Birk Heimann, Michael Crow.

• City of Pacific, Alderman, Ward 1: Gregg Rahn; Alderman, Ward 2: Carol Johnson, Mike Vernaci; Alderman, Ward 3: Andrew Nemeth, Carol Minton, Cody Kelley.

• Village of Parkway, Trustee (two-year term): Robert J. Pelton, Charles A. Ball Jr., Neal L. Byrd.

• City of St. Clair, Mayor: John Dykhuizen, Ron Blum; Municipal Judge: A. David Arand; Alderman, Ward 1 (two-year term): Arthur Viehland: Alderman, Ward 1 (one-year unexpired term): Janet R. Viehland; Alderman, Ward 2: Barb McGlenn.

• City of Sullivan, Mayor: Dennis Watz; City Collector: Judy McPherson, Mike McCulloch; Municipal Judge: Michael Randazzo; Alderman, Ward 1: Tony Wessler; Alderman, Ward 2: T. J. Carey; Alderman, Ward 3: Robert (Bobby) Maupin.

• City of Union, Municipal Judge: A. David Arand; Alderman, Ward 1: Jim Albrecht; Alderman, Ward 2: Abigail Tippin, Vicki Jo (Schuenemeyer) Hooper; Alderman, Ward 3: Dustin Bailey, Dennis Soetebier; Alderman, Ward 4: Karen D. Erwin.

• City of Washington, Councilman, Ward 1: Walter O. Meyer, Susan Waterman; Councilman, Ward 2: Jeffrey A. Mohesky; Councilman, Ward 3: Jeffrey A. Patke; Councilman, Ward 4: Joseph Holtmeier.