John A. Busch was recognized Tuesday, April 8, for serving 32 years on the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District Board.

But his tenure has come to an end, and he was recently recognized by the Franklin County Commission for his devotion to farmers and natural resources, particularly the soil.

Busch served longer than any other member in the history of the board, which dates back to 1944. He was a board member six years, treasurer 10 and chairman 16.

The people kept re-electing him, he said, adding that he served eight four-year terms.

Busch, of Washington, served without pay and said he is leaving the board because, “I just thought everything was running in good order.”

It is time for someone else to take hold, he added.

John Helling replaced him on the five-member board.

The purpose of the conservation district is to help farmers and to stop soil from washing away, Busch said.

Franklin County Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer read a resolution to honor Busch’s service at the county commission meeting Tuesday. The resolution states that Busch demonstrated “tireless efforts to promote, educate, conserve, and protect our natural resources in Franklin County.”