Bull Moose Tube Co. has filed a lawsuit against the city of Gerald over its use of city property.

According to the attorneys for the city of Gerald, Bull Moose Tube Co. (BMT) has been a tenant of the city since 1967 on a large parcel of city-owned land in a 100,000-square-foot building also owned by the city.

The city is represented by Cunningham, Vogel and Rost, P.C.

BMT was paying $4,600 per year in rent.

The city had been negotiating with BMT for a new arrangement more consistent with current market rates.

“However, BMT filed a surprise lawsuit against the city on Feb. 27 to keep from paying more,” the law firm noted.

“The city values its businesses and was hoping to negotiate a fair arrangement that was mutually agreeable,” said Cary Parker, mayor. “Of course, we are disappointed that BMT chose to sue rather than negotiate.”

City officials said the city plans to defend the suit but is hopeful that BMT may still be willing to agree to a deal “that is fair to the city’s taxpayers.”