The Boles Fire Protection District was busy Friday, Jan. 31, fighting two fires less than four hours apart.

In both cases, Tom Casey, Boles fire chief, said early notification prevented the blazes from getting out of control. Crews were able to put out the fires quickly and limit the damage.

There were no injuries in either fire.

Boles crews were first called to 401 Studio Road, St. Albans, just before 9 a.m. after reports of a fire in the house. Casey said the home was undergoing what he called a major renovation. A stray spark from a construction worker’s torch started the fire.

“When crews arrived, they located a fire in the floor joist in between the first floor and the basement,” Casey said. “The cause of the fire was construction workers using a torch on a steel beam. The heat got in there.”

Casey said the construction workers used a fire extinguisher to slow the spreading of the flames. “They had part of (the fire) knocked down, but we had to have crews go in through the basement and knock the rest of it down,” he said.

Casey said the fire was extinguished in about five minutes.

Casey estimated the damage to the house to be less than $5,000 and said the home is still live able. He said the fire was started on a steel beam on an outside deck area and didn’t do much damage to the actual house.

When the Boles crews left, the homeowners were able to stay in the house.

“We turned it back over to them — we felt that it was live able and that there were no issues,” Casey said. “All in all, it was very minor.”

Boles received assistance from Pacific, Metro West and Meramec Ambulance.

“Early notification, them doing a little bit of knockdown with a fire extinguishes, and the crews getting in there quick helped,” Casey said.

Boles crews were back out on a call just before 1 p.m. This time a call came in from 516 Thiebes Road near Labadie.

A malfunctioning gas-powered clothes dryer caused a fire in the utility room.

“They had fire in behind the dryer and crews were able to knock it down, again in about five minutes after arrival,” Casey said.

A quick call and quick arrival kept the fire isolated to the utility room.

“There was no extension into the house,” Casey said.

Boles was assisted by Pacific in taking out the fire. Casey said other crews were called, but ultimately were called off after the fire was put out so quickly.

Casey said the home sustained minor damage. He estimated the damage totaled less than $5,000.