Franklin County Seal

On Tuesday, Tim Brinker was sworn in as presiding commissioner of Franklin County.

Brinker won the Aug. 7 primary election for presiding commissioner and has no opposition in November. He was sworn in to fill the presiding commissioner seat vacant since early July when John Griesheimer retired early due to health reasons.

He now joins a list of just nine men to serve in the county’s top administrative post in the last 60 years.

Over those six decades, both Republicans and Democrats have occupied the office from the southern and northern sections of the county.

Here is a list of the presiding commissioners dating back to 1959:

• George F. Koelling, Republican, 1959 to 1966;

• Ralph Smith, Republican, 1967 to 1974;

• Hugh McCane, Democrat, 1975 to 1986;

• William Diez, Republican, 1987 to 1990, and 1995 to 1998;

• Tom Fenner, Democrat, 1991 to 1994;

• Gene Scott, Democrat, 1999 to 2001;

• Ed Hillhouse, Republican, 2002 to 2010; and

• John Griesheimer, Republican, 2010 to 2018.

County Clerk

Only four people have held the post of Franklin County clerk in the past 60 years.

When Tim Baker, who won the Aug. 7 primary election and has no opposition in November, is officially sworn in he will be the first new clerk in 22 years.

He will replace retiring clerk Debbie Door who was first elected in 2002.

Here is a list of the four county clerks to serve in the past 60 years:

• Ralph Smith, Republican, 1959 to 1966;

• Emmett Reed, Republican, 1967 to 1986;

• Tom Herbst, Democrat, 1987 to 2002; and

• Debbie Door, Republican, 2003 to 2018.


Current Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks is the longest serving in his office in the past 60 years.

Parks was first elected in 1998 and will retire at the end of this year after five terms and 20 years as prosecutor.

He will be replaced in January by Washington attorney Matt Becker, who won the Republican primary Aug. 7, and has no opposition in November.

Here is a list of all of the Franklin County prosecuting attorneys since 1959:

• Charles E. Hansen, Republican, 1959 to 1969;

• Charles P. Moll, Democrat, 1961 to 1964;

• Williams D. Kimme, Democrat, 1965 to 1966;

• Lawrence O. Davis, Republican, 1967 to 1970;

• Daniel Buescher, Democrat, 1971 to 1980;

• Walter A. Murray Jr., Republican, 1981 to 1986;

• Gordon Upchurch, Republican, 1987 to 1990, 1995 to 1998; and

• David Tobben, Republican, 1991 to 1994.


Another county office all taxpayers are familiar with is that of collector, which also has been occupied by the same elected official for two decades.

Current Collector of Revenue Linda Emmons was first elected in 1998 and this past spring announced she would retire at the end of 2018.

Her current chief deputy, Doug Trentmann, won a three-way race in the August primary to succeed his boss and will be sworn in at the beginning of 2019.

Trentmann will be just the sixth person to head the collector’s office in 60 years.

Like Door and Parks, Emmons is the longest serving county collector since 1959.

In that time, there has never been a Democrat elected to the office.

Here is a list of the other county collectors in the past 60 years:

• Orville O. Wagner, 1959 to 1962;

• Robert Hoffmann, 1963 to 1974;

• Mary Jane Degen, 1975 to 1992; and

• Mary Ann Henderson, 1992 to 1998.