UPDATED: Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke reported Tuesday morning that one of two Timber Wolves that escaped from an enclosure Sunday was killed Monday night.

Toelke said a farmer in the Robertsville area noticed vultures flying around a field. He went to investigate and saw the wolf which had slaughtered some of his sheep in an enclosed area.

Toelke issued this update Tuesday morning:

On June 9, at approximately 7:20 PM, Deputies responded to a residence on Wardfield Road.  A resident in the area stated that he had shot a large animal in an enclosed area with his sheep.  He was later informed about the missing wolves and contacted Conservation.  Conservation retrieved the animal after learning that the animals were carrying a microchip.  Authorities were unable to locate the chip, however, the owner identified the animal as his.

The second wolf is still at large.  A call was received this morning of a possible sighting along I-44 west of St. Clair that was not confirmed.

Earlier Story

Citizens in the Robertsville area are advised to be on the lookout for two Timber Wolves that escaped from an enclosure, Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said.

Toelke said his office received a report Monday from the Missouri Conservation Department that the wolves escaped from a caged area at a residence in the 800 block of Moonlight Trail off Highway N, south of Robertsville.

Witnesses reported the adult wolves, weighting between 100 and 150 pounds, were last seen in the area of Finney Road Sunday night.

The owner said the wolves normally not aggressive, however they are skittish and he is not sure how they will react when they become hungry.

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