Franklin County deputies evacuated Meramec State Park and other areas along the Meramec River early Saturday after heavy rains caused a quick rise in creek and river levels in the area.

About 2 a.m. Saturday deputies checked the Meramec which was rising rapidly in the Sullivan area.

Deputies and park authorities then began evacuating the park.   

In all, the state park, Meramec Caverns, the Arapaho Camp Ground, and Shady Beach south of St.Clair were evacuated.  The evacuation was completed by around 4 a.m., the sheriff's office reported.  

A tree fell across the road blocking exit in the state park but the tree was removed and the evacuation was continued. 

During the storm, an electric line fell across a mobile home on Peters Ford Road outside of Beaufort blocking exit of the residents. The line was removed and no one was injured. 

The sheriff’s office is cautioning people to be aware of the potential for rapidly rising water near rivers, creeks, and streams even though the rain may stop.