Heavy rains Wednesday washed out a large culvert pipe and split a road in two.

Lollar Branch Road in the Stanton area will be closed for a couple of weeks to replace the 10-foot diameter, 90-foot-long pipe.

The pipe left about a 20-foot-wide gap in the road and a trench about 15 feet deep when it broke through the pavement.

County Engineer Joe Feldmann said the area experienced a heavy amount of rain in a short period of time Wednesday.

It appears the water ran around the side of the pipe, causing the culvert to float upward.

The road was inundated with water, and the valley was flooded, Feldmann added.

County highway department crews will handle the replacement in-house and will get the work done as soon as possible, Feldmann said.

Instead of repairing the pipe, the county will just install a new one, he said. The current one is 17 years old, and it is best to just replace it since it is already out of the ground, Feldmann noted.

There is no estimate on the cost, he said.

Feldmann said no one was injured in the incident, adding that the road does not get a lot of traffic.

A county employee discovered the pipe on the way to work, he said.

The county had no other major road problems from the rain, Feldmann said.