Tax Bills Mailed

A Pacific man says he has been double taxed on his boat motor and trailer.

Jim Dunn said he received a property tax bill that charged him for his boat, motor and trailer as a package and then he was also taxed individually on his motor and trailer.

On Thursday he said he was deciding whether he should take his case to the state tax commission or try to work the matter out with County Assessor Tom Copeland.

The assessor’s office uses the National Automobile Dealers Association manual to come up with values for boats, Copeland said.

“That’s where it’s all coming from,” Copeland said.

Copeland declined to go into details on the matter until the issue is resolved with Dunn.

“I’m not going to go into it,” Copeland said. “We’re into it too deep.”

This is not the first problem that Copeland’s office has dealt with related to this year’s property tax bills. Corrected bills had to be mailed out this week after more than 100 boat owners were overcharged on tax bills.

The issue with Dunn is being resolved, Copeland said, adding that he does not want to “stir the pot” anymore than it has already been stirred with Dunn.

“We are doing everything we can to satisfy his tax bill,” Copeland said, adding that he was waiting on Dunn to provide his office with more information.

Dunn said he does not think the assessor’s office realized that the NADA value of his boat included the value of the motor and trailer.

Therefore, he was taxed on the package of the three items as well as the motor and trailer separately, Dunn said.

“This is flat-out double taxation,” Dunn asserted.

Dunn explained that his original tax bill valued the boat, motor and trailer package at $6,880; and then the motor at $3,240 and the trailer at $290.

He said he then complained to the assessor’s office, but instead of getting the bill reduced, it went up, Dunn said.

The value of the boat, motor and trailer combo went up to $8,910, he said, and the individual values of the motor and trailer stayed the same.

Ultimately, Dunn said he would like to see the total value of his boat, motor and trailer reduced to $5,000 or lower.

Dunn said he was “quite upset” about his tax bill earlier in the week but said he is “happier” now that he will get to meet with Copeland face-to-face on the matter to get his bill fixed.